What’s the Hype Behind Professional Lash Extensions?

No matter where you turn whether it’s on social media, television or just out and about, it is almost a given you will see someone with beautiful, spotlight-worthy eyelashes. You can recognize the look instantly, long, lush, full lashes that frame one’s eyes perfectly. Several celebrity names come to mind when thinking of captivating lashes. [...]

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Is Keratin Lash Lift Right for You?

When we hear ‘keratin,’ we know it comes from the world of hair care. Keratin is a fibrous protein that not only structures our hair but also strengthens it. The same theory applies to our eyelashes as well. A keratin lash lift is a keratin-infused treatment that adds volume and curls your eyelashes naturally. For [...]

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5 Different Eyelash Extension Styles for Your Eyes

Everyone has a specific and often unique taste in their clothing that makes them feel beautiful. Why not add to your allure by choosing eyelash extensions? Don’t be fooled by the one-size-fits-all gimmick of press on, peel off lashes. Today, numerous natural looking makeup that can highlight your eyes and entire face. There is also [...]

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7 Reasons To Stop Using Strip Eyelashes

Eyes talk. They reflect attitude and emotion. But, with revitalized eyelashes, your eyes mirror glamor. Mascaras clump and smudge. So what next? False eyelashes? Lash extensions? How can you get those princess-like innocent or star-like dazzling eyelashes? That is a common confusion. Enhancing eyelashes is a sophisticated and opulent addition to the world of make-up [...]

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Beauty Standoff: Volume Lash Extensions vs. Magnetic Lashes

You have thin, short, and straight eyelashes, but you want to make them look full and beautiful. The next thing you do is go online and search for the best way to add volume to your lashes. Volume lash extensions and magnetic lashes are two popular techniques that seem like the ideal solution. While volume [...]

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Trending 2018: Top 5 Lash Extension Styles

All lash extensions provide your eyelashes with length and volume, but this doesn’t mean that lash extensions styles are created equal. We discuss everything you want to know about lash extensions. By considering what the different lash extension styles do, you can achieve the look you want. In 2018, there are five lash extension styles [...]

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Trendsetter Secrets: What to Know About Colored Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are the ideal solution if you want to make your eyes appear bolder, but sometimes regular extensions don’t go far enough. Colored lash extensions enhance your eyes even more than lashes in natural colors, allowing you to stand out. If you’re a true trendsetter, you need to take advantage of this latest beauty [...]

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Porcelain Skin Secrets: 6 Tips on How to Remove Makeup Correctly

Leaving makeup on when you go to sleep is one of the worst things you can do to your skin. Not knowing how to remove makeup is no excuse — you’re setting yourself up for dry skin, wrinkles, and acne. Learn grooming essentials and to avoid problems, learn how to remove makeup the right way. [...]

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FAQ about Lash Extensions – Everything You Need to Know

More people are looking to take advantage of the stunning results offered by lash extensions. This FAQ lash extensions will tell you everything you need to know before your appointment. What Are Professional Lash Extensions? Professional lash extensions are individual false lashes that are bonded to your natural eyelashes. They enhance your natural endowments by [...]

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What to Expect During an Eyelash Extension Appointment

Many people would love to have the long, luxurious lashes that eyelash extensions provide but are concerned about what the procedure involves. In fact, what happens during an eyelash extension appointment is very simple and you can expect to feel very little throughout. Choosing Your Lashes Before you begin, the stylist will ask you questions [...]

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