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Whether you want professional lash extensions to look great for a night out, because you find your natural lashes are too short or sparse, or to simplify your morning routine and spend less time applying mascara, Selena’s Lash Studio offers the style that is right for you. Based on your personal preferences and our expertise, we make sure your eyelashes will compliment the shape of your eyes by carefully selecting the color, length and curl. Lashes are applied one by one for a natural look that will highlight your natural beauty.

Our Lashes Speak Volumes

At Selena’s Lash Studio, we don’t just enhance eyelashes, we also focus on keeping the natural lash healthy and protected from damage. Our lash extensions are of the finest quality and our lash artists perform under the highest quality standards.

Our Premiere Lash Style Line


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We would be honored to welcome you in our lash studio and to offer you the kind of high-end, professional and sophisticated service you deserve. At Selena’s Lash Studio, we provide eyelash extensions exclusively, so you can rest assured the results will be outstanding.

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