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makeup with lash extensions

Are you searching for inspiring looks for makeup with lash extensions? Eyelash extensions offer the added benefit of turning your normal look more glamorous and saving you time getting ready. With your beautiful and gorgeous lashes you won’t need much in the way of makeup meaning you can be ready and out the door sooner.…

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eyelash extensions

Getting your eyelash extensions is so exciting! Whether you’ve come to see us to get them done or you’re thinking about it, we want to help you get all the information you need. Here’s the thing, you’ll have to change your makeup routine a bit, since getting eyelash extensions is different than applying false lashes.…

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perfect eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows Perfect eyebrows are coveted nowadays because they can do so much for your appearance. Nice looking eyebrows can frame your face and help you look more put together. Whether you are starting out with thin or bushy eyebrows, you can improve the look of them without spending a fortune at a salon. Consider…

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