In your daily makeup routine, you may or may not pay much attention to your eyelashes. If you have short and straight down lashes, you probably have to dedicate a certain amount of time to apply mascara (maybe lash primer?), and the lash curler. Some go a few steps beyond and apply false eyelashes every single day. Now here’s where we can go one of two ways: do we apply a full set or individual lashes? That depends on your skill and time available.
During all these steps though, there are things about our lashes we don’t think about.

Was that Little Eyelash there Yesterday?

Lashes have a three month lifespan. They renew themselves in and around this time and we lose them daily. There’s nothing you can do to avoid losing eyelashes, this is actually a healthy process and we should let nature take its course, like a butterfly birth.

Can you Count Them?

Just as your head hair, you probably won’t be able to guess how many eyelashes you really have. The upper lid has about 200 lashes and the lower lid has about 100.

They are Protectors

Even though lashes and eyebrows are a huge part in what makes our face what it is, and we’d look really weird without them, their purpose is not aesthetical at all. They protect the eyes, a very sensitive area of our face, from the elements. The eyebrows shield our eyes from the sun and sweat and the eyelashes protect our eyes from dust and other particles. We’ve made them into beauty icons and now some women can’t leave the house with their brows or lashes “done”.

They Thin out over Time

Like it could happen with other body parts hair, eyelashes can thin out over time. This is because we’re born with a set amount of follicles and with age they don’t renew. What you eat, if you smoke and other factors can contribute to this, but age is probably the main culprit. This is when eyelash extensions can give you that revival.

They Have an Overnight Cleaning Crew

Don’t freak out but something called Demodex, tiny little critter beings clean your lashes of debris and particles while you sleep. We hope this little piece of information won’t make you sleep with one eye open… or two. You need your beauty sleep and those lashes need that deep healthy cleaning! (Because we can’t ever be that thorough when we remove makeup from them).

Who Started Styling Eyelashes?

We have to thank the Egyptians when it comes to makeup: they pretty much invented it. They started styling eyelashes back in 4000 BC, but the first mascara as we know it was created by Rimmel in 1913 in France. Interesting fact, rimmel is mascara in Spanish too! In the US, it became popular once Maybelline came out with their own formula made of vaseline and coal. But don’t worry, coal is not approved by the FDA, so it’s not a part of the formula anymore!

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