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Not Just Lashes: Tips for Perfect Eyebrows

Perfect Eyebrows Perfect eyebrows are coveted nowadays because they can do so much for your appearance. Nice looking eyebrows can frame your face and help you look more put together. Whether you are starting out with thin or bushy eyebrows, you can improve the look of them without spending a fortune at a salon. Consider [...]

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What’s Their Secret?

6 Celebrities With Eyelash Extensions There are plenty of celebrities with eyelash extensions. It has become one of the hottest beauty trends in Hollywood in the past few years. Many actresses and singers feel more glamorous and beautiful with long and lush lashes. Here are 6 celebrities who proudly wear eyelash extensions: Kim Kardashian It’s [...]

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How to Keep Healthy Eyelashes

Healthy Eyelashes If you are like most women, you likely desire lush and healthy eyelashes. However, if the eyelashes you were born with are short and tend to fall out easily, you may wonder if it’s possible for you to ever achieve long and gorgeous eyelashes. The answer is yes. If you devote extra time [...]

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Life With Professional Lash Extensions

Professional lash extensions can give you long and beautiful eyelashes and boost your self-confidence. They come in many different lengths and styles and can look completely natural. Once you get these extensions for the first time, you may wonder how you ever lived without them. Are you ready for life with new eyelashes? Professional Lash [...]

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Which Type of Eyelash Extensions is Right for Your Eye Shape?

If you weren’t blessed with naturally long eyelashes, you have the option of choosing eyelash extensions and feeling more confident about your appearance. The type of extensions you choose will depend largely on the shape of your eyes. Here’s a list of the different eye shapes, so you can decide which lashes are best for you: [...]

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