The history of eyelash enhancements is quite interesting… care to learn about it? Though there may have been a period when lash extensions were only used on models and movie stars, times have definitely changed. This product is not only widely available (and affordable), but women have been known to use it on a regular basis. After all, getting a little assistance in order to make you feel beautiful is not a crime. Do you need some lash extensions in your life?

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History of eyelash enhancements: just what do you know about your eyelashes? For example, are you familiar with the fact that eyelashes are believed to not only frame, but also protect the eye? Furthermore, eyelashes are anchored to the eyelid by a root, just like other body hair. Eyelashes on the upper eyelid are longer than the lashes on the lower eyelid, with both sets being made up of 10 percent water and 90 percent proteins, including keratins and melanins. Interestingly enough, melanins are what give hair its color.

Eyelashes and beauty may go hand-in-hand, but beauty can also sometimes be painful. Did you know that when an eyelash is either pulled or falls out on its own, it takes about two months before it’s regenerated?

While lash extensions may be a beauty tip or accessory used by women, an actual eyelash transplant has taken place. Specifically, in 2009, a team of British plastic surgeons successfully performed the first eyelash transplant in the United Kingdom. The patient was a 19 year old teenager, and the entire operation took about four hours to complete. This is a procedure that is more popular and well known in the United States. Eyelashes that have been transplanted are believed to thicken in four to six months following the surgery. Therefore, it’s important to be patient.

History of eyelash enhancements

The eyelash craze actually began hundreds of years ago, during the Roman Empire, when Roman women would be assisted by servants or slaves to help enhance their beauty.
In ancient Egypt, men were the ones styling their lashes – more than women – using khol to repel bad spirits as well as insects.
In the 1830s, Eugène Rimmel invented the mascara, bringing eyelash enhancements to a whole new level. Darkening lashes, making them fuller and longer with the use of volumizing products and serum, has become part of women’s daily routine.

However, it’s rumored that false eyelashes didn’t appear until much later – the twentieth century – when they were invented by an American film director, David W. Griffith. Make up was quite big in the 1930s, followed by artificial lashes popping back up around the 1960s.

So, between transplants, the Roman Empire, and false lashes (originally) being invented for the film industry, eyelashes have not only come a very long way . . . but also have quite the history. They’re more than just hair follicles on and below your eyes.

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