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faq lash extensions

FAQ about Lash Extensions – Everything You Need to Know

More people are looking to take advantage of the stunning results offered by lash extensions. This FAQ lash extensions will tell you everything you need to know before your appointment.

What Are Professional Lash Extensions?

Professional lash extensions are individual false lashes that are bonded to your natural eyelashes. They enhance your natural endowments by making eyelashes appear longer and thicker. You will receive between 150 and 200 lashes per eye.

Are Lash Extensions Safe?

When professional lashes are applied by an experienced lash artist, they are completely safe. The lashes will be sterile and the adhesive will be approved for use near eyes. The aesthetician will also use the correct amount of adhesive to keep your natural hairs healthy and prevent stunted growth.

Extensions are only dangerous if you receive a budget service from someone untrained in the practice of fitting lashes. It is common for cheap services to use clusters — lashes that are already glued together. These are too heavy and can break your natural eyelashes.

What Does the Process Feel Like?

Receiving lash extensions is relaxing. You will feel little if anything. You will be lying on your back on a comfortable massage table with your eyes closed. It is common to fall asleep during the application, as it takes at least an hour and a half.

How Long Do Lashes Last?

The lifespan of your lashes last will depend on the growth of your natural eyelashes. To maintain a full set of lashes, most people need to come for a refill after two to four weeks. Touch-ups take less time than the application of a full set of lashes — expect to be at the appointment for about 45 minutes.

How Should I Prep for My Appointment?

You should arrive at your appointment without having treated your lashes — no perm, curl, or makeup. You can reduce the time it takes the lash artist to clean your eyelashes by also avoiding mascara the day before.

Can I Apply Mascara to the Lashes?

There is usually no need to use mascara on lashes, as you can choose a style of extensions to give you the look you want without the need for makeup. However, if you do want to use mascara (for instance, at the end of the cycle when you are nearing a refill), you can use a water-based product.

How Should I Care for My Lashes?

Lash extensions are low-maintenance — you only need to take a few precautions to keep them in top condition. You should avoid water for 24 hours after receiving the extensions. After this, as the adhesive is waterproof, you can shower and swim as normal. Always limit contact with lashes (never use a curler or otherwise pull on them) and avoid steam rooms, saunas, and oil-based facial products.

Now you are aware of everything lash extensions involve, you are ready to book your appointment and transform your look. Discuss with your lash artist what type of extensions would be best for you.

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