Outrageous Eyelash Extensions

The most extravagant outfits, outrageous makeup and eyelash extensions are always right at home on the fashion runway. For us, non-models, these crazy looks may seem a little too extravagant but on the fashion runway they exist for shock-value and entertainment. These outrageous eyelash extensions are what happens when we thinking outside the box and even though they are totally untraditional they are quite elegant. .

Types of Outrageous Eyelash Extensions

Any look can be achieved with lots of makeup, lots of patience, lots of talent and the right eyelash extensions. Before they were just part of the makeup panoply, but now they can completely steal the show. We have seen this happening on almost every fashion runway.

Glamour Extravaganza

Nothing traditional about these eyelash extensions:

  • Feather eyelashes, very elegant and colorful
  • Jewelry such as rhinestones will look very elegant attached to your eyelash extensions
  • Paper eyelashes. Are real tiny pieces of art that can also be customized

21st Century Technology

When high tech meets fashion on the runway:

When looking for a eyelash extension salon, your goal should be finding one that is safe and clean and has the training and expertise as well as a good reputation. On occasion we would want to go all out, like for an extravagant costume party or music festival. But when you’re not in character or costume, a more natural look is still glamorous without going overboard.

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