Festival season! It’s time to go jammin’, indulging in a communal celebration of music this summer. Festivals are the perfect time to express your sense of style, whether it’s the bohemian look of the ‘60s or the punk rock style of the ‘80s, you’ll fit in. Channel your inner free-spirited self and give your makeup a creative edge.

And nothing speaks more to the sense of “you” than your eyes: whether you’re going for the simple understated look that draws more attention to your clothes or the flamboyant, stand-out, here are a few festival eye ideas:

5 ideas for the festival season

1. The Super Quick Metallic Rose Look

You don’t need to splurge on a whole array of cosmetics to achieve the simple, yet glamorous look as demonstrated by Amy Nadine of the Beauty Department. All it takes is eyeliner in any shade of your choice, applied in a thin streak across your eyelids. Pair this look with a nude lip, to draw more attention to the subtleties of this look.

Metallic eyelash style

2. Simple Glitter Eyes

Still going with the simple theme, you can opt for Lauren Kelly’s Glitter Eyes which can be easily done from the comfort of your festival tent. This look uses curled eyelashes highlighted by a thick layer of long-lash mascara. After dabbing on a soft base of blue and grey eyeshadow, round it up by applying silver glitter to the outer edge of your eyes, down to your cheekbones with your hands.

3. Festive Gold Glitter

Makeup artist Nicola Kate’s Festive Gold Glitter look adds a layer of festive drama. Apply a layer of light skin finish all over your lid, followed by a black eyeliner to line the eyes in the desired shape and the upper waterline. Then, use a glitter eye-liner over the black eyeliner to create the dramatic gold flare around your eyes.

Gold eyes style

4. Crystals and Colored Lines

Or you can opt for Dulce Candy’s Coachella Look where you start off with a long-wear base on the eyelid to let your eyeshadow stay in place all day. Then, layer two shades of pressed pigment eye shadows with a bit of glimmer on your upper lid, followed by a third darker shade on the crease to give the whole look a smokier feel. After, outlining your upper and lower lids with a dark brown liner, use waterproof mascara for your eyelashes, unless you are wearing lash extensions. Now decorate the top line of your cheeks with a line of crystals or rhinestones. Round the whole thing up with a few streaks of vibrant or pastel face paint.

5. Blue Eyes

Do you have hair highlights? If you do, Keiko Lynn’s Blue Eyes is the perfect look to match your eyes to your highlights. While she used blue to match the highlights in her hair, you can pick a shade that matches your own. With freshly primed eyes, start off by applying bright blue liner on your lids and lower lash line. After that, with a damp brush, apply two different shades of blue eye shadow over the liner and in the crease, followed by a bright green shade applied just above the crease. Blend the shades carefully, to diffuse the edges of each layer. Now, line the lower lash with a navy pencil and your upper eyelashes with a liquid pencil. Round the whole look off with mascara.

Getting glammed up for a music festival doesn’t have to be overly taxing. With just a few handy cosmetics and tools at hand, you can create magic.

As well as using a highlighter on your skin, apply a little to your lips, mixed with your lipstick. This will give your lips texture and help your teeth appear whiter.

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