Professional lash extensions can give you long and beautiful eyelashes and boost your self-confidence. They come in many different lengths and styles and can look completely natural. Once you get these extensions for the first time, you may wonder how you ever lived without them.

Are you ready for life with new eyelashes?

Professional Lash Extensions

You are ready in a sense. You know you want your eyes to look sexier in a natural way. Your natural lashes are too short, too pale, too sparse. So you’ve set out to find a lash studio. Not just any. A venue that only deals with individual extensions to give the most natural look.
You’ve done your research on what to expect, notably that it is a meticulous process.
You even tentatively picked the lash style that may work best for you. Are you a Gigi? Or a J’adore?
Professional lash extensions will change your life, but not just the way you look. Your daily routine will have to include new habits so you get the most out of it.

Caring for professional lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are a bit high maintenance. It may take a while to get into the discipline, but skipping any of the after care routine will quickly put you back on track. Our professional lash artists recommend you follow those tips so your wink will always be perfect:

  • Apply a drop of serum to your lashes every day. Keeping them hydrated will prevent breakage.
  • Comb your lashes every day with a spoolie wand to keep them neat.
  • Resist the urge to pull off your extensions. They may sometimes look out of place when they shed, but playing with them can hurt your natural lashes.
  • Sleep on your back. If you lie on your stomach, you can ruffle up your extensions and cause them to fall out faster.
  • If you must wear makeup, be gentle when removing it. Use soft wipes rather than cotton pads will leave lint on your lashes.
  • Mascara should be lightly applied on the tip of the lashes so the base doesn’t get clumpy. Remember to use non-waterproof mascara only.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Professional lash extensions aren’t permanent. In general, they can take a week to two months to fall out. To maintain healthy and beautiful looking extensions, you will need to get them filled every two to three weeks depending on your lash cycle.

Before you make the decision to get professional lash extensions, make sure you are prepared for the level of maintenance they require. Just be prepared: once done, you will be addicted.

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