There are so many benefits of having false lashes, including saving time on makeup in the mornings and elevating your everyday look. When your lashes are done by a trained professional and high-quality products, you can expect full, natural looking lashes. Whether a special moment or everyday life, new lashes are a great way to feel comfortable, confident, and polished. If you’re considering new lashes, here are a few of the many occasions in your life where these extensions can add a little something extra to your look:



For your most memorable day, lash extensions are an excellent way to save time on makeup and touch ups the day of your wedding. You can get them done ahead of time and won’t have to worry on the day of the event about your lashes. Especially if you shed a few tears or work up a sweat dancing the night away, your lashes will stay in place. No more worrying about the waterproof rating of your mascara!



We all want to look and feel our best when we’re on vacation, especially because it’s an occasion where you’ll likely be photographed. New lashes can be a confidence booster that you’ll look incredible from any angle. There’s also an added benefit of not needing to wear mascara. When you’re tired after a long day of traveling, stubborn mascara removal is not a problem! Especially if you don’t want to travel with makeup removal wipes, lash extensions are an excellent solution. You’ll stay looking fresh without mascara rings around your eyes.


Long-Wear Opportunities

For long-wear occasions, no one wants to touch up their makeup every few hours or worrying about mascara smudging. If you have an event, like a lengthy business meeting, eyelash extensions can help you have peace of mind that you’ll be looking great all day long. With your lashes looking great, you can focus on bringing your A game.


New Phases In Your Life

Are you experiencing a life change, like a new job or moving to a new city? Having new lashes is a great way to reflect your personal style without the daily need to add mascara. Plus, you’re doing something new, so it’s a great time to try out a new look.


Your Everyday Look

You don’t need a special occasion to feel your best! When you get high-quality lashes done by an experienced professional at an eyelash studio, you can go longer without eyelash extension fills. That means it’s even easier to complete your everyday look with false lashes that fit your lifestyle. When you’re in a rush out the door in the morning, having lash extensions are a great way to feel polished in every situation.


Selena’s lash studio

Located in Corona California Selena’s lash studio specializes in professional lash extensions. When you go to Selena’s you’ll receive custom attention, making sure your lashes work with the shape of your eyes and natural features. The amount of curl, length, and color are all carefully selected for you by an experienced stylist. Nothing is more important than protecting your natural lashes, and our team takes great care to use the best products.