Lash Artist Insights: How do Natural Lashes Affect Lash Extensions?

Long lashes are the key to looking stunning, even when you decide to step out without any makeup. Eyelash extensions have a charm that mascaras or strip eyelashes fail to spark. Of course, like every beauty enhancement product, there are a lot of questions and concerns people have about the concept of eyelash extensions. [...]

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How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Lash extensions are magical. They completely transform the way you look even without makeup. Lash extensions are enveloped with several doubts, which should be clarified before your visit to the salon. While some are about the science behind lash extensions, others are about your commitment to them. The most common question - how long do [...]

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Beauty Guru Guide To Permanent Eyelashes

Professional lash extensions are amazing at dressing up your eyes elegantly and have taken over every eye makeup product. There is, however, a lot of skepticism before taking up the first adventure and understandably so. Anytime we use an artificial addition - from hair colors to permanent lash extensions - we want to know everything [...]

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Natural Lash Extensions – Deciding the Perfect Length, Curl, and Thickness

Natural lash extensions have a science of their own. It’s not just about applying long, curly strands of fibers on your natural lash line for a thick set of eyelashes that embellish your eyes. To get perfect eyelashes, you need professional lash extensions. Only an expert would know how to determine the right lash extensions [...]

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Ditch the False Lashes – A Guide to Semi-Permanent Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a popular trend that adds length and curl to your natural lashes. No matter how much eyeshadow or mascara you wear, the beauty of your eyes falls flat without long, thick eyelashes. Some of us were blessed with both length and curl, while others were not. Eyelash enhancing products - especially the [...]

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How do Semi-permanent Eyelashes Work?

Gone are the days of messy false eyelash strips that you rip off at the end of a long day. With such a variety of professional lash extensions available today, glamming up has never been so easy. Carefully applied by an experienced technician, you can have a dramatic, yet, natural look that will last for [...]

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Perfect Eyelashes – 5 Ways to Enhance your Eyes

There was a time when beautifying eyes depended heavily on eyeshadows and perfectly shaped eyebrows. Today, thanks to celebrities, perfect eyelashes are easily attainable to enhance eyes. Here are 5 ways to improve your eyelashes. 1. Vitamins Vitamin supplements are the first recommendation when it comes to skin or hair care. Did you know they [...]

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What’s the Hype Behind Professional Lash Extensions?

No matter where you turn whether it’s on social media, television or just out and about, it is almost a given you will see someone with beautiful, spotlight-worthy eyelashes. You can recognize the look instantly, long, lush, full lashes that frame one’s eyes perfectly. Several celebrity names come to mind when thinking of captivating lashes. [...]

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Is Keratin Lash Lift Right for You?

When we hear ‘keratin,’ we know it comes from the world of hair care. Keratin is a fibrous protein that not only structures our hair but also strengthens it. The same theory applies to our eyelashes as well. A keratin lash lift is a keratin-infused treatment that adds volume and curls your eyelashes naturally. For [...]

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5 Different Eyelash Extension Styles for Your Eyes

Everyone has a specific and often unique taste in their clothing that makes them feel beautiful. Why not add to your allure by choosing eyelash extensions? Don’t be fooled by the one-size-fits-all gimmick of press on, peel off lashes. Today, numerous natural looking makeup that can highlight your eyes and entire face. There is also [...]

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