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7 Reasons To Stop Using Strip Eyelashes

Eyes talk. They reflect attitude and emotion. But, with revitalized eyelashes, your eyes mirror glamor. Mascaras clump and smudge. So what next? False eyelashes? Lash extensions? How can you get those princess-like innocent or star-like dazzling eyelashes? That is a common confusion.

Enhancing eyelashes is a sophisticated and opulent addition to the world of make-up and beauty. Eye makeup now goes beyond eyeshadows and concealers. Volume eyelashes are the soul of every look – from the rush-hour look that masks the morning sheepishness; to the no-makeup look that fits the summer BBQ party; to the spellbinding celebrity-look for a gala evening occasion. How do you do this right? Strip eyelashes have become the go-to product and a quick solution for long, thick lashes. But the question is – are they an ideal choice for the most noticeable and elegant facial feature? Or should volume lash extensions be crowned as the perfect solution to thick, fluttery lashes? Before you make your choice, understand why strip eyelashes should be avoided and lash extensions can win you over.

Why Strip Lashes Should Not Be Your Choice

  1. Strip eyelashes – also called false eyelashes – are a temporary way to accentuate your eyes. You have to put them on every day and remove them at night, which requires quite a bit of attention, which in turn means you have to be up early. Lash extensions are a one-time process that saves you the everyday effort and time.
  2. Reusing false eyelashes comes at a risk. The strip and strands can collect dirt and bacteria that you can’t wash off, causing discomfort to your eyes.
  3. Adhesives used for strip eyelashes contain chemicals like formaldehyde that can put your eyes and skin at the risk of infection. Because you use the glue every day, your eyes are vulnerable.  
  4. Strip eyelashes look as artificial as the lashes of a doll’s eyes. They are stiff and seem unrealistic. The idea of enhancing your eyelashes is to look beautiful, not artificial. Eyelash extensions look more natural since they are added to your individual eyelashes.
  5. It’s tricky to apply and remove strip eyelashes. It can irritate your skin, eyes, tear ducts, and damage your natural eyelashes especially if you don’t have a steady hand. Lash extensions are done by experts and professionals with almost no need for you to tamper.
  6. Strip eyelashes are a strict no-no if you wear contact lenses. Even a small touch with the adhesive can ruin the contact lenses and have serious implications for your eyes.
  7. Glues used for false eyelashes are never waterproof, which means there’s a chance your false eyelashes can come off partially or completely if you wash your face, swim, sweat, or – let’s hope not – cry. Not only will that look bizarre, it can also harm your eye.  

 strip lashes Selena's Lash Studio

Stick with Lash Extensions

Perking up beautiful eyes with thick, fringe eyelashes shouldn’t come at the cost of time, effort, and health risks just because strip eyelashes are inexpensive. Not only are lash extensions ideal, they have many benefits that you can’t realize with falsies. In addition, there are a variety of lash extension styles to choose from. Lash extensions enhance your natural eyelashes, strand by strand, making your eyes a star every day.