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Wedding Makeup Tips

5 Makeup Tips for weddings

At your wedding, you’re under huge pressure to look your best — both for the event and for all the photographs you will have to remember your special day. There are numerous wedding makeup tips online that claim to be easy, but these actually require weeks of practice to pull off. Plus, many will transform your face — makeup should always enhance your natural endowments rather than turn you into a different person. By keeping it simple, you will look stunning.

Save Your Eye Masks

After you have used your eye masks to moisturize and refresh your skin, keep them on your face to apply your eye makeup. First, use them to stop pigment from dirtying your clean face. Next, use them as an outline for your cat eye. For this step, you need to ensure your eye mask is in line with your bottom lash. Use a pencil and then liquid liner to create a lasting wing.

Forget Cheap Lashes and Go For Extensions Applied by a Lash Artist

Lash extensions are difficult to apply unless you have practiced many times before. The glue and strips can also lead to a disaster that will take a long time to clean up. Worse still, the lashes could even fall off at some point during the evening.

A professional will ensure your extensions enhance your look for the entire evening. The lash artist will create a design that suits your unique features, including the right length, thickness, and curl of the extensions. Plus, the lash artist will even help you choose color, from tones ranging from natural to extravagant, including with colored tips.

Treat Your Eyes Like a Disney Princess

Drawing with a pale liner on the inner “V” of eyes may be common for little girls dressing like Disney princesses, but it is actually something you should do whenever you want to brighten your eyes. The practice allows the upper and lower lashes to blend, removing sharp edges from your eyes. You can use anything from pale almond to gold tinge, depending on your complexion, in matte or shimmery — your choice.

Layer Powder over Cream

Now your eyes are complete, it is time to move on to your skin. Creams are ideal for giving your skin a lustrous look and for achieving just the right tone. However, they are unlikely to last throughout the evening. By applying cream and then powder, you can hold color in place, even without a primer or setting spray.

Wait a couple minutes before applying the powder to give your skin time to soak up the cream. Focus powder especially on the sides of your nose, temples, jawline, and hairline, as these areas are prone to being oily.

Use a Highlighter on Your Skin and Lips

As well as using a highlighter on your skin, apply a little to your lips, mixed with your lipstick. This will give your lips texture and help your teeth appear whiter.

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