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Volume & Classic

– 3-day Training
– $1900.00
*Deposit required to hold your spot: $400.00*
– high-end  lash kit included


What You’ll Learn:
-Advanced Placement for classic and volume lashes
-Perfect lash placement & direction
-How to properly layer lashes
-Anatomy of hair
-Natural lash health
-Lash Allergies & irritations
-Product knowledge: what to use, what to stay away from
-Lash adhesive overview
-Intense volume fan creation/practice
-Volume fan geometry
-Techniques for lash durability
-Lash fills and aftercare
-Lash removal demonstration


Your Class Lash Kit Includes:
-7 lash trays
-Size 8-14 1 tray per size
-1 adhesive
-50 lash wands
-1 micro-applicator tube (100 counts)
-1 isolation tweezer
-1 placement tweezer
-1 lash cleanser
-1 blue tape
-1 lash tile



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